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              Extruded Silicone Tube thumb
              Extruded Silicone Tube thumb
              Extruded Silicone Tube thumb
              Extruded Silicone Tube thumb
              Extruded Silicone Tube thumb

              Extruded Silicone Tube

              Extruded silicone tube is a kind of double wall silicone rubber insulated sleeve, inside is a glass fiber sleeve coated with silicon rubber insulation layer, and coated with silicone rubber high temperature treatment. It has better dielectric properties, self-extinguishing and softness than silicone fiberglass sleeve. With physiological inert medical silicone rubber by extrusion sulfide into tube, then through assembly into a double tube of medical products, used in peritonitis, drainage of peritoneal and celiac inflammation thick, can be use for a long time, also has a washable, pressure suction, and other functions.

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              Product Introduction

              Product characteristics of extruded silicone tube:
              1. Soft texture, good dielectric, self-extinguishing and solvent resistance;
              : 2, continuous use temperature 60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃;
              3. Good physiological inertia and stability.
              4. Standard color: transparent (can be produced according to demand)
              5. High insulation performance; Pressure resistance
              6. Excellent wear resistance performance;
              7,; Oil resistant performance
              Extruded silicone tube series:

              UL numberE333398
              Temperature Range : -60200℃
              Food grade : FDA LFGB DGCCRF
              Environmental certificationSGS ROHS REACH

              Nominal Voltage : 220V-3KV
              Tolerance range : 0.1mm0.3mm
              Hardness : 30-80A
              Air pressure : 0.4-0.8mpa
              Size :1mm~¢50mm
              Color : Standard color: transparent (also can be produced according to customer's demand color)
              Use range : Water dispensers, coffee machines, water treatment equipment, tea sets, household appliances, etc.
              The food grade silicone tube is imported silica gel raw material, the most advanced platinum vulcanization process, this product is more extensive adaptability. It has the advantages of high transparency, tasteless, constant yellow, non-spray frost, aging resistance, air pressure, voltage resistance and so on. The minimum resistance to low temperature 60 ℃, the highest resistance to high temperature up to 250 ℃.

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