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              Braided Silica Gel Tube thumb
              Braided Silica Gel Tube thumb

              Braided Silica Gel Tube

              Reinforced silica gel tube or reinforced silica gel tube is a kind of high resistant silicone tube, which is mainly used for special environment operation. Weave the silicone tube of the company is in tightly controlled environment and produced under strict good manufacturing procedures, medium of solution does not break down any smell and taste, make it become the most ideal choice, the application of discharge popularity and welcome.

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              Product Introduction

              UL number : UL241200
              Temperature Range : -60~200℃
              Authentication :ROHS REACH UL
              Nominal Voltage:220V-3KV
              Tolerance range : 0.1mm~0.3mm
              Hardness : 30-80A
              Air pressure : 0.6~1mpa
              Size : ¢1mm~¢50mm
              Color :White (can be produced according to customer demand)
              Use range : High pressure steam products, home kitchen guards, steam ground to pull all kinds of wire insulation cover, etc.
              Glass fiber silicone tubes are extruded by silica gel and then woven with fiberglass or other fibrous materials and then cured with silicone resin. Because it contains silica gel and fiber, it has excellent heat resistance and dielectric properties and is widely used in high voltage insulation protection of various electrical appliances.

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              Dongguan NiZing Electric Co., Ltd.
              Contact: Mr. Wu (High temperature wire)
              Mobile phone: 18820619750
              Contact: Mr. Peng
              Mobile phone: 13929205890
              Contact: Mr. Li (silica gel pipe)
              Mobile phone: 13717160157
              Phone: 86-769-83218997
              Fax: 0769-23029100
              Mailbox: sd032@nizing.com
              Address: Fuzhushan management area, Liaobu Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong,China

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